Maybe you are interested.
This mail just arrived in my mail a few minutes ago and I thought I should share it with you. Good morning everyone, I’m working on a research project for my company and I need some assistance. Firstly, I need two volunteers who want to help with being research assistants for distribution of surveys at… (0 comment)

Chrome OS Security webinar.
This is a blog post from Google blog. I use to think Google Chrome was the fastest web browser around until recently I started having horrible experience with it. I didn’t do any serious or massive study on it so don’t come fighting my observation. I hope after this webinar I’ll have a different story.… (0 comment)

Just so you know
Greetings, Friends! Instead of reviewing the latest app I have fallen in love with. I have decided to share with you some of the latest blog news I have been reading and tracking and I hope you enjoy them. Huawei P10 Officially Launched In Ghana 5000 Tecno CX Phones Sold Within 4 Weeks After Launch… (0 comment)

African Wikimedia Developers Project (AWMD)
I am excited to introduce the African Wikimedia Developers Project (AWMD). AWMD is a project that focuses on recruiting volunteer African Developers for the WIkimedia Movement. The project’s main goal is to increase the capabilities of African developers by introducing new set of skills and new opportunities to develop in the open movement. Participants will… (0 comment)