Durban – South Africa November 11 2016 – 9 Days
You can book your place on this trip to Durban, South Africa here. Tel: +233-24-48-26161 +233-50-23-28406 or email : Travel with Chris is planning a trip to Durban, South Africa and you are invited. Dates November 11-19 2016   Durban, South Africa   Highlights uShaka Marine World Moses Mabhida Stadium Umgeni River Bird Park… (0 comment)

Image of me in South Africa, Pretoria during the Spring season.
Pictures of Pretoria (Tshwane), in the Gauteng Province, is the administrative capital of South Africa during my trip there in 2015. The best time to visit South Africa depends on the purpose of your visit, and the areas you wish to see. The seasons fall in the year as follows: Spring – September & October Summer… (0 comment)

James veitch is my favourite comedian, I can safely say he is the only tech comedian i know and I love. Check out a full video, Subtitles and Transcript of a talk he recently did at TED summit.   0:11 – It’s funny the things you forget. I went to see my mother the other day,… (0 comment)

Spring is here again
Spring is a miraculous experience. The whole world comes alive after the winter in which it seemed that everything was dead. The world comes filled with color and the scent of delicious greenery. The world that seemed so dull and cold has come alive once again. Little did we know that beneath the cold hard… (0 comment)

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